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Just a note from a Client . . .

”Here’s the thing… You don’t know what you don’t know. That's why we seek out experience and expertise. When I contemplated a full-scale renovation of my family home, I thought my experience with renovating my current home–bathrooms, kitchen, and an addition–would be more than enough to prepare me. What I did not consider–and what I quickly learned when I began to collaborate with Reggi Kemp of A Claim Design and Development–is that a whole house renovation is fundamentally and materially different from renovating, or even adding, a single room.” Kristal Randall

I learned that “flow” is a primary consideration in your living space and I hadn’t even begun to ask myself the kinds of questions that would allow me to create a comfortable space that made sense for how my family lives. Basic concepts like room size vs. my plans for that room; considering whether the powder room placement and size was conducive to my guests (some of whom have disabilities and mobility considerations); realizing that I hadn’t planned for closets. Closets. ”Reggie, one of the designers at ACDD, questions often challenged my design preferences, forcing me to think through consequences I hadn’t considered. When she challenged me on what I wanted, I often found there were better ways to achieve my goals that made more design and build sense. Repeatedly, she pointed out design options that I didn’t realize I had. Even when I didn’t change my mind based on her input or challenges, I found I gained real confidence in my decisions because of her input. A Claim Design and Development’s process helped ensure that I developed a viable design that was ready for the next phase of the renovation process. Having reached the end of this first phase, it is already abundantly clear to me the additional risk I would have undertaken without Reggi’s guidance. I’m grateful my niece recommended A Claim Design and I have no regrets about my work with the firm. As I contemplate going forward with my renovation (and incurring the significant time and expense of those next steps), I can already see the benefits and the value of the risk mitigation and avoidance that collaboration has provided. I was fearful about this process. Now, I feel prepared. Thanks, Reggie.


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